Road crews treating roads ahead of this weekend’s potential winter weather

MIAMI VALLEY — Road crews are outside treating the roads ahead of this weekend’s potential winter weather.

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Our team of Storm Center 7 meteorologists have been tracking this system all week.

There will be two chances for snow accumulations this weekend, according to Storm Center 7 Chief Meteorologist Austin Chaney.

Saturday morning could bring less than an inch of snow.

As temperatures warm Saturday afternoon, the snow could transition into light rain.

On Sunday, another quick-moving batch of light snow could drop another half inch.

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News Center 7′s Taylor Robertson reported from outside a salt barn in Greene County during News Center 7′s Daybreak.

Greene County engineers have been filling their salt trucks to the top, coupled with a deicer to help melt the ice on the roads quickly.

News Center 7′s John Bedell reported Thursday that ODOT crews have been dropping brine on the highways during the overnight hours through nine different counties in the Miami Valley.

The saltwater mixture shows up at white stripes when it dries and helps melt the first flakes that hit the pavement.

It gives road crews a head start on their work to keep roads passable.

When crews can’t pre-treat because a winter system will start as rain and just wash it away.

The first rounds of frozen participation can stick to the roads more easily, making it harder for crews to remove them.

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ODOT told Bedell on Thursday they will extend their shifts four hours if that’s what it takes to make sure the roads are safe to drive on.

“Right now, we are watching the radar just like everyone else,” Loryn Bryson of DOT said Thursday.

News Center 7 also spoke with two retired first responders who said they always had an emergency kit ready to go.

This includes Jim Hartzler, who said Thursday that he has all the essentials. This includes extra clothes, water, food, hand warmers, etc.

“I’m looking forward to the first snowfall,” he said. “I’m ready.”

News Center 7′s team of meteorologists will continue tracking this system. We will have the latest information on News Center 7 beginning this afternoon at noon and later today at 5 p.m.

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