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The Evening Edge with Todd Hollst

The Evening Edge with Todd Hollst

'The Evening Edge with Todd Hollst' is heard exclusively on 1290AM and 95.7FM WHIO, Dayton.

The Evening Edge with Todd Hollst 4.22.2024

Crazy items left behind in Uber vehicles; Summoning Bigfoot murder; Naked gardening; Ohio Cop Body Cam Sex Scandal; E.P.E.; Using a public porta-potty (The Porta Potty Toddy); Dumb Ways to Die in donation bin.

The Evening Edge (DARK EDGE VERSION) 4.19.2024

Co-hosts Todd Hollst and Tim DeBusk chat with Filmmaker Enrique Couto about his documentary, BIGFOOT in Ohio, currently streaming on Tubi. Plus, they discuss eyewitness accounts from people who claim to have seen the mysterious creature. Plus, a Sasquatch calls the show and leaves Tim feeling a bit uncertain about the encounter.

The Evening Edge with Todd Hollst 4.19.2024

4/20 Eve; Intl. Bicycle Day; Bigfoot movie and Ohio Bigfoot Documentary with Henrique Couto; Teacher chaos; Breakdancing in the Olympics; Hacking into children's toys.

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