“My car was gone;” Local towing company accused of predatory towing

DAYTON — In the Oregon District, one towing company has been busy.

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Cottman’s Towing has experienced a handful of frustrated people as their car had been towed when they thought it was in a safe space.

News Center 7′s Taylor Robertson spoke with various people who have had their cars towed from this very company.

Recent body camera footage from a Dayton Police Department Sergeant shows a Cottman’s Towing worker getting mad after questions were asked.

The footage was taken on August 19, when the sergeant was parked near the lot.

“I have researched all of this because you guys have had predatory towing,” the sergeant said.

“Predatory towing? What’s predatory towing? We watch somebody park and we tow them?” the worker replied.

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Cottman’s Towing owner Richie Turner said he was not familiar with the incident where his workers asked police to not park in or near their lot.

Another victim of being towed includes Candice Vansickle.

She spoke with News Center 7′s Taylor Robertson back in July and said she had parked her car in the lot, which was monitored by Cottman’s, before she took her dogs for a walk.

“There was this lady standing by my car with this big parking, I don’t know what it was across my windshield, basically like this lock thing and she was like you have to pay $100 to remove that,” Vansickle said.

Vansickle told the woman that she would be back within five minutes and that she just needed to grab her dogs.

“Got back to my car, they had taken it. The tow truck was gone, and my car was gone,” Vansickle said.

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Another woman went through a similar experience, but when she went to pick up her car from the lot it was gone.

NOTE: This woman does not want to be identified.

“The guy that answered the phone was like ‘Well ya know, it was the owner who towed your car and I’m about to tell him that you’re coming to pick it up and I don’t even have to release it to you.’ And I was like why not? I’m paying you the money, the car is in my name, it’s up to date on payments, and it wasn’t taken by the police,” she said.

She said she couldn’t pick up her car until the next day.

This behavior has left many impacted to believe the towing could be predatory, but Cottman’s denies the allegations.

Those who want to file a complaint with the Ohio Attorney General’s Office can call 800-282-0515.

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