‘It’s exciting;’ People travel thousands of miles to view total solar eclipse in Miami Valley

DAYTON — The eclipse will pass through the Miami Valley in less than 24 hours and people have traveled thousands of miles to see it.

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The Marriott at the University of Dayton, along with many other hotels, is fully booked.

Gary Russell traveled from Henderson, Nevada to see his daughter and the eclipse.

Russell said his daughter is a soccer player for the University of Dayton.

“She coincidentally had a soccer game yesterday here as well,” he said.

Russell said he tries to visit his daughter at least twice a year, but the eclipse is a bonus.

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“Well, I’m one of those nerds who’s super excited about this eclipse. So, it’s exciting to get to come spend some time with her and take advantage of some science history,” Russell said.

Jane Wagner and her granddaughter traveled from West Bloomfield, Michigan to see the eclipse and tour the University of Dayton.

“It just happened to be with the eclipse, so we made sure we spent extra time to see that first, and then she can see the school,” Wagner said.

Wagner said she had seen an eclipse before but is still very excited for Monday. She recommends that everyone try to see an eclipse at least once.

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Adults aren’t the only ones excited for the celestial event.

The Hancock family traveled from Columbus because they didn’t want their kids to miss this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

“Spend time together but also to see something that’s going to probably not (happen) in my life (again),” Jasmine Hancock said.

“My excitement for it is like an 8 or 9,” Blair Hancock said.

Multiple people told News Center 7 they are planning to leave later this week, so they don’t run into too much traffic.

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