“It is trash;” Tipp City Chief of Police speaks on recent white supremacist flyers

TIPP CITY — For the third time in three months, white supremacy groups have bombarded a community with propaganda flyers.

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This time, Tipp City residents woke up and found flyers in their driveway this weekend.

“So, I think a lot of people were hurt by it, a lot of people were offended by it,” Tipp City Chief of Police Greg Adkins said.

Adkins told News Center 7 Mike Campbell that his officers got their first calls late Saturday night. Several more rolled in on Sunday morning.

People showed officers the distributed flyers which appeared to be back the Aryan Nation.

Police believe someone walked on down the sidewalks and threw the flyers into driveways.

“Our belief is that people that would stoop to this level are going to do it in the evening, under cover of darkness,” Adkins said.

Police received calls from several different neighborhoods across the city.

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They were discovered inside plastic bags, weighed down to keep them from blowing away.

Officers picked up more than 50 flyers to be destroyed.

Tipp City resident Brittany Earl did not know about the flyers distributed across her city, but she was disgusted to hear about it.

“Wow, no, I did not have that in my driveway, I have not heard about this, that’s crazy,” Earl said.

Earl is worried that a recent Tipp City School Board meeting where a member used a Nazi salute may have prompted this visit from white supremacists.

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“I would like to think no one shares that belief, it’s bad,” Earl said.

Another Tipp City resident, Wendy Taylor, said people aren’t afraid of the potential punishment for anything these days.

“Well, people think they have more liberties than what they used to, they don’t have to ask a lot of permission to do anything,” Taylor said.

Adkins said the flyers are protected under free speech, but there might be one illegal charge that could come up.

“It is trash, it is litter and ultimately it is trash, the messages that are on it,” Adkins said.

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