Police investigating white supremacist flyers found in Tipp City neighborhoods

TIPP CITY — Over the weekend, Tipp City residents woke up to propaganda flyers on their driveways and sidewalks, Tipp City Chief of Police Greg Adkins said.

News Center 7 Mike Campbell is speaking with police and will have more information this afternoon at 5 p.m.

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The Tipp City Police Department received calls referencing white supremacist propaganda flyers found in several neighborhoods across the city.

Four reports were filed to police Saturday evening through Sunday.

While investigating the neighborhoods where the reports were made, police collected more than 50 flyers, Adkins said.

Police officers searched the neighborhoods, spoke with residents, and looked for any available video footage.

“Distributing flyers is not a criminal offense, and determining criminal charges at this time is difficult unless suspect(s) can be developed,” Adkins said.

If any suspect(s) are identified, investigators can look into littering charges or any other charges based on the case’s facts.

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Adkins said this kind of propaganda makes it very difficult to file criminal charges.

Residents should contact the police department if they continue to find this propaganda in their neighborhoods.

The community of Tipp City does not condone this type of activity by outside groups, Adkins said.

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