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Ohio House to vote on override DeWine’s veto of transgender medical care, sports bill

COLUMBUS — The Ohio House of Representatives will meet today in Columbus to override Governor Mike DeWine’s veto of House Bill 68, the SAFE Act.

The legislation is aimed at banning gender-affirm care for minors and blocking transgender student-athletes from practicing in girls’ and women’s sports.

>>ORIGINAL COVERAGE: DeWine vetoes transgender medical care, sports bill

The House has called for an early session this afternoon and will meet at 2 p.m., according to our news partner WBNS in Columbus.

House Speaker Jason Stephens said he believes that he has the votes to override the governor’s veto, but the Oho Senate has not indicated when it would take up an override if it passes the House.

“We’re the House. The Senate can do what the Senate wants to do,” said Stephens. “We’re going to meet (today) and we’re going to take action.”

Area state representative Jena Powell wrote on social media that they will meet and override the governor’s veto.

“WEDNESDAY IS THE DAY!” she said. “Override the veto on HB 68 and protect women’s sports.

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News Center 7 previously reported that the State Senate on Dec. 13 passed the legislation, introduced as House Bill 68, by a 24-8 vote. The Ohio House, later the same day, approved the legislation 61-27.

Governor DeWine vetoed House Bill 68 on Dec. 28.

He said he talked to doctors, parents, and children on both sides of this issue before making his final decision.

News Center 7 reported on Friday that DeWine announced that he signed an executive order enacting an emergency rule that bans gender transition surgeries for minors at any hospital or ambulatory surgical center in the state. The ban is effective immediately.

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House Minority Leader Allison Russo said that both HB 68 and the governor’s executive order banning gender-affirming surgeries goes against allowing families to make decisions with their healthcare providers, WBNS said.

“At the end of the day, we think this impedes the rights of parents to make critical decisions with their medical providers about the care of their children, so we remain opposed,” Russo said. “I think it’s one more example of Republicans getting between individuals and their providers in receiving the care they think is appropriate.”

News Center 7 will be following the override vote in the Ohio House of Representatives and have a full update later today beginning at 5 p.m.

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