Dating app offers exclusive membership for $500 a month, applications already closed

A well-known dating app, Tinder, has released a new membership tier that is only available to those who apply, according to Tinder’s website.

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Those interested in a Tinder SELECT membership must apply, be selected, and pay for it.

For those whose application is selected, Tinder SELECT will cost $500 a month, or $6,000 annually, according to the website.

To apply, visit To be considered, profiles must meet the 5-Point Select Screen for quality and engagement. Profiles must include:

  • 5 interests
  • 4 pictures
  • Minimum of 15 characters in bio
  • Indicate a relationship goal
  • Be photo verified

If the profile doesn’t meet these requirements, Tinder will ask users to update their profile during the application process.

This membership has “limited availability” and not all users will have access.

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It is only available on the app, not, according to the website.

Tinder SELECT membership can be stacked with other subscriptions.

This membership allows users to access perks like:

  • Direct Message: 2 times a week, users can message someone without having to match first.
  • Skip The Line: When users like someone, the person will see an unblurred profile photo in their “Like You” grid, even if they do not have a subscription.
  • Special Status: Receive an exclusive SELECT badge to display on the profile page.
  • SELECT Mode: See or be seen by Tinder’s most sought-after profiles.
  • VIP Experience: SELECT membership spots are limited to less than 1% of users.
  • Early Access: Be one of the first to test new features in advance.

Tinder notes that, unlike other subscriptions, Tinder SELECT cannot be restored on a different account.

The dating app is currently not accepting applications, but it will update the page when applications open again, according to the website.

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