Toddlers ‘smacked,’ ‘yanked’ by former daycare worker; Ex-employee sentenced to jail

FAIRBORN — A former daycare worker who pleaded guilty to charges connected to the assault of three toddlers at a Greene County daycare has been sentenced to jail.

Makala Curry, who identifies as male and goes by Greyson, appeared in Fairborn Municipal Court on Thursday morning to learn his punishment, which was 360 days in jail. He had three days jail credit and was ordered to pay court costs.

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Before the sentence was announced, Curry’s defense attorney got up to speak. Just as he did so, an outburst came from the gallery with one of the victim’s mothers shouting an expletive.

“Excuse me, there will be no outbursts. If there’s another outburst, you’ll be removed from the courtroom,” Judge Andrew Hunt said in response.

The sentencing came just over a month after Curry pleaded guilty to four counts of assault and five counts of child endangering, all misdemeanor counts.

The victims in the case were all younger than three years old and the crimes themselves were caught on surveillance video.

In November, one mom told us the video showed Curry smacking and pushing her son, yanking his arm, and holding him down on the floor.

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Another mom said in court on Thursday that she watched Curry “drag” her son “across the floor.”

As we showed you on News Center 7 at 6:00, Fairborn City Prosecutor Nate Rose addressed Curry about his actions in court.

“You were entrusted in a position of caring for the safety of the [children] and the well-being of the [children], and you did exactly the opposite of what that duty was,” Rose said.

The actions have had lasting impacts on the young victims. One mother told the judge that her son “screams at the top of his lungs anytime” she drives by the Creative World of Learning in Fairborn. Another mother said her son’s been in therapy and screams and cries in the middle of the night.

Curry apologized to the victims’ families during Thursday’s hearing and said he regretted his actions.

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“I don’t expect you guys to accept my apology, I really don’t,” he said.

At that point, another outburst was heard coming from the gallery.

“Good, ‘cause you ain’t getting it,” one woman said.

As previously reported, the daycare fired Curry as soon as they found out about the allegations.

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