Police searching for victims after locating credit card skimmer in Fairborn grocery store

FAIRBORN — Investigators looking into a credit card skimmer found at a grocery store in Fairborn do not know if it collected customers’ personal information.

On Thursday, Jan. 27, employees at the Save A Lot on E. Dayton Yellow Springs found a credit card skimmer.

On Feb. 15, Fairborn police posted to their social media asking for the public’s help in identifying two suspects.

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Police said the skimmer was on a check-out kiosk for two days before it was discovered.

As reported on News Center 7 at 5:30, Fairborn residents say they are being proactive to stop fraud in their bank accounts.

“It doesn’t scare me. It’s just what’s going on in the world today. No matter where you shop,” Fairborn resident Linda Schonover said.

Another Fairborn resident, Ed Kunk, says he closely monitors his credit card activity.

“Couple the credit cards I have, I have alerts,” Kunk said. “It comes through automatically right away. So, you know, what you spend, where you’ve spent it.”

Kunk says he has experienced fraud before, but got things taken care of quickly.

“I got an email…called the bank and took care of it,” he said.

Others are not as lucky. Schonover said she has also experienced fraud.

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“I had an account with the Wright Patterson Credit Union for 51 years, and a young boy out of Cincinnati frauded my account. They had to close it, I had to start all over again,” Schonover said.

Fairborn police are actively searching for two people who placed the credit card skimmer at the Save A Lot store.

“Through video surveillance, finding out when the skimmer was attached. So January 25, it was only on there for a couple of days,” a spokesperson for the Fairborn Police Department said.

Police took the skimmer off by Jan. 27.

Although Fairborn police have not located any victims yet, they do have advice for people out swiping their cards on these devices.

“Touch them, see if they move at all, if something looks out of the ordinary, just notify an employee to see if something is out of the ordinary,” the spokesperson said.

If you shopped at this Save A Lot location from Jan. 25 to 27, and you believe you’re a victim of fraud, contact Fairborn police.

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