‘I was comfortable;’ Owner of Springfield beauty salon speaks out after back-to-back break-ins

SPRINGFIELD — An investigation is underway after a beauty salon in Springfield was burglarized.

Leslie Spoon has owned Premium Blends Salon and Barber Shop for seven years and she never thought something like this would happen.

“I was comfortable. I thought I knew my community. I didn’t think it would happen to me. Didn’t think there was any reason to come in here,” Spoon said.

Spoon thinks the same person is responsible for both incidents.

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“Broke it and came in and kicked in the window. Destroyed eight doors and demolished three total doors,” Spoon said.

Friday night, cameras captured footage of the second break-in and the security alarms went off. She plans to install more cameras.

“I do have some outdoor solar cameras. They hadn’t gotten here yet,” Spoon said.

Stylists like Marlon Howard said there is only one reason why burglars target salons.

“Usually, if you come to a hair salon, you know what they’re gonna pretty much come for is money,” Howard said.

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“They got away with about $4,000 in cash,” Spoon said.

Howard’s room was ransacked during both break-ins. Even though the clean-up is frustrating he said he is trying to stay positive.

“Keep a good environment for our clients, and to make them feel welcome and safe to not feel like, ‘Oh, I gotta be walking on eggshells in here,’” Howard said.

Howard and his co-workers are taking extra precautions.

“We walk out together, we stay together, you know, I’ll check on my clients when they’re coming in and out the building so we just don’t have those problems,” Howard said.

Police collected blood samples and fingerprints while investigating the break-ins, and Spoon has hope that the burglar will be caught soon.

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