Miamisburg police close ‘unsettling’ case involving student who stabbed dead dog

MIAMISBURG — Miamisburg police have closed an “unsettling” case involving a high school student who stabbed the corpse of a dog after it was found that no crime was committed, according to police reports.

On August 20, police responded to a tip that a video had been posted on the social media app Snapchat of someone stabbing a dog, a Miamisburg police report stated. The tipster told police the dog had been placed in a dumpster at an apartment complex.

Officers responded to where the dog was reportedly placed and located it inside the dumpster. According to the police report, an officer observed what appeared to be two stab wounds on the dog’s chest and one stab wound near the upper chest/lower neck region.

News Center 7′s Kayla McDermott spoke to a parent of one of the students involved in the incident during News Center 7 at 5 p.m.

Officers made contact with a teen regarding the video who stated that a former student was driving when they accidentally hit a dog that was running in the street and saw it crawl over to the side of the road and die, according to the report.

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Later that evening, the former student had friends over and they went back to retrieve the dog’s corpse, saying they thought it would be “funny” and put it in the trunk of the vehicle.

The driver did not want to touch the dog and wanted it removed from his trunk. The dog was removed from the vehicle by someone else and thrown into the dumpster.

Police confirmed they watched a video of a student carrying the dog with a caption reading “You missed me stabbing the dog.”

Police confronted the individual about the video and he admitted to stabbing the dog. They would later write in a statement that his friends “dared him to (expletive) with it, so (redacted) stabbed it,” according to the report.

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The report stated the student said, “It was a dead dog so I didn’t think nothing of it.”

Police removed the dog from the dumpster and the report stated “There was no indication that the dog was mutilated by slashing or any other destructive actions.”

Police tracked down the dog’s owner through its microchip and she told police she was aware the dog was dead after being hit by a vehicle on August 19.

>> Miamisburg police close ‘unsettling’ case involving student who stabbed dead dog

Police checked police records and saw that officers responded on that date and located a deceased dog and requested that the street department remove it.

“Due to the confirmation of the dog being deceased prior to the dog being stabbed, it was it was found that no crime had occurred,” the police report stated.

The police department released the following statement on the incident Wednesday night:

“The Miamisburg Police Department is aware the case has drawn a great deal of public concern and interest. All known leads have been fully investigated and there is no indication of a criminal offense occurring, even though the incident, as reported, is unsettling. If any new information arises giving way to additional facts of a potential criminal offense, it will be fully investigated as well.”

News Center 7′s Kayla McDermott spoke to a parent of one of the boys who was there the night of the incident who wants to remain anonymous for the safety of his son.

“The three boys that hit the dog returned because they were trying to do the right thing and get the dog off the road,” the parent told News Center 7. “They stopped by a party in which another student started to do things to the dog.”

The parent said what happened is unsettling.

“A lot of people are upset and rightfully so,” he said.

While disturbing it’s not illegal. According to the Ohio Revised Code there is no law against mutilating an animal corpse, which is why no one has been charged.

People in Miamisburg want the school to suspend the boys as well but the school sent an email out that says they are letting police handle the investigation since it happened off school property and that they encourage families to talk to their children about respecting animals and if anyone needs counseling to reach out.