‘It’s very shocking;’ Dog found dead on train tracks after being dropped off at daycare, owner says

MORAINE — A woman’s dog was found dead on train tracks after she dropped it off at daycare.

As reported on News Center 7 at 5:00, News Center 7′s Taylor Robertson talked to the woman and another dog owner who claim their pets escaped from a training facility in Moraine.

Both pet owners described how scary it was for them to find out their dogs had run off.

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Marcia Ehlers said she dropped her dog Lizzy off in the morning for daycare at Train Your Pup a month ago. Later that day her boyfriend got a call from the facility that her dog was missing, and he ended up finding her dead lying on train tracks about a mile away.

“He said he saw her laying there and he was just hoping that she was sleeping and he was calling her name and calling her name and as he got closer he realized that she was dead,” Ehlers said.

Ehlers dog Lizzy typically spent all day at Train Your Pup until March 15th when they got the call that Lizzy was missing.

“It’s very shocking,” Ehlers said.

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Ahndrea Pett said a similar situation happened to her dog Taz. One morning she dropped her dog off, and then about 30 minutes later got a call from her daughter.

“And said mom, somebody’s got our dog,” Pett said.

Workers at a nearby business kept Taz safe as they waited for Pett to go pick her up.

At this point, she had not heard from Train Your Pup notifying her that her dog was missing.

“So I went there, because they’ve got all of her leashes and everything and I was met at the door by Ashley, and the first thing she said was, ‘Did somebody find your dog?’ And I’m like, ‘What?’ She goes, ‘Did somebody find your dog?’”

Pett said considering she was highly emotional she ended up just taking her dog home. Later she got a call from the owner who told her Taz had dug a hole under the fence.

“And I said where were you all? You’re supposed to be out there. She told me that somebody was out cleaning up poop and didn’t notice my dog,” Pett said.

News Center 7 got ahold of the owner of Train Your Pup who said that she is not able to say much do to legal matters, but she did note that her heart goes out to the families who dealt with this scary situation and they have increased security to hopefully not have this happen again.

We will continue updating this story.

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