‘How was this allowed to happen twice;’ Students, parents concerned after false active shooter alarm

TROY — Parents are concerned after two false active shooter alarms happened on Friday at Troy High School.

“I think that’s the most frustrating thing is how was this allowed to happen twice and why,” Barbara Dixon, a parent, said.

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Students were scared and jumping out of windows on Friday because the alarm went off accidentally twice in one day. On Monday, students were given a briefing on what happened and why.

Troy City Schools Superintendent Chris Piper told News Center 7 that he was pleased with the district’s quick response.

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Some parents are still unhappy, and some students are still worried.

“He was a little nervous yesterday, but things seem to be back to normal today. So that’s good, but I also have a third grader in my house who was worried that this was going to happen at his school,” Dixon said about her son.

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The school district is working on ways to improve the system already in place.

“The balance that you have to strike is creating a system that is easy enough to use if you’re under stress. But also difficult enough to use that can’t be triggered accidentally,” Piper said.

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In the coming weeks, the district will meet with the makers of the alarm system to see what changes can be made. Still, parents aren’t totally satisfied with the steps being taken and feel that more needs to be done.

“They need to physically walk through this and communicate with us when they are doing these drills. So we can prepare our children and there is no fear that’s being induced.”

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