‘Getting pretty dangerous;’ Springfield residents speak out about increased gun violence

SPRINGFIELD — Police are investigating reports of shots fired at a Springfield apartment complex.

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People who live in the Cole Manor Apartments on South Burnett Road said they heard gunfire around 8 p.m. on Saturday.

News Center 7′s Malik Patterson spent time learning if Springfield residents feel safe in their community.

“Trying to do that, in the process of moving out of here,” Cole Manor Apartments resident Charles Shipton said.

Shipton has lived in Cole Manor for a decade. He said people were calling to check up on him after they heard of a possible shooting.

“I try to stay in after a certain hour. I don’t, you know, come out of my apartment because of the situation,” Shipton said.

Shipton said the recent shootings around this complex and the city are continuing to get worse.

“It’s getting pretty dangerous,” Shipton said.

Springfield residents said they are frustrated with the increased gun violence.

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“It is just terrible. It’s a travesty,” Springfield resident Ann Pearson said.

Pearson has lived in the city for 36 years and she remembers when things started to change.

“Maybe 15 years ago, it was not like this. It really wasn’t,” Pearson said.

This week, News Center 7′s John Bedell talked with Springfield Mayor Rob Rue about what the city is doing to keep its residents safe.

“We know and we’re going after those folks. We’re not ignoring this. This is very important to the city and it’s very important that we have a safe environment here,” Rue said.

Springfield police told News Center 7 that they are looking into the incident on South Burnett Road, but could not provide further comment.

“Yeah, it’s scary. It really is because I’m scared to deal with, you know what I mean,” Shipton said.

We will continue to follow this story.

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