4 separate shootings within days put local city on edge

SPRINGFIELD — Four separate shootings have sent a least two people to this hospital in Springfield this week.

Two barbers were inside the barber shop on East Main Street when they saw a man with a gun running along the sidewalk before being arrested.

We were just sitting in here cutting hair and one of the barbers he seen the kid run behind my truck with a gun in his hand,” Anthony Hottenstein, the owner of the shop said.

Surveillance video from Hottenstein’s shop shows a barber picking up his son and running to the back of the store fearing something bad was going to happen.

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“Police came from everywhere,” Hottenstein said.

Police arrested two suspects that he said looked like teenagers.

“Springfield to be a small town has very big city issues as far as violence here,” Hottenstein said.

Springfield police reports describe four separate shootings that happened in the city since Sunday.

On Feb. 18 a woman was reportedly shot in the head on Scott Street.

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She was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

The next day, a girl was shot in her left forearm on South Yellow Springs Street and taken to Springfield Regional Medical Center.

On Monday police showed up to Rosewood Avenue after 911 callers said someone was shooting at their house.

Neighbors refused to talk on camera due to fear of retaliation.

News Center 7 has continued to reach out to city leaders for a response to the shootings but has not received a response.

We will continue to follow this story.

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