City commission to vote on ‘nuisance party’ law in Dayton

DAYTON — The Dayton City Commission is expected to vote later today on a “Nuisance Party” law.

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Dayton Police are asking city leaders to make the move so they can deal with any out-of-control parties before St. Patrick’s Day this year.

News Center 7 checked the City Commission Meeting Agenda for tonight and the ‘Nuisance Law’ is on the agenda for tonight.

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News Center 7 reported last March that people flipped a car and threw bottles and cans at police in riot gear during a St. Patrick’s Day celebration at the University of Dayton.

Police also made two arrests back in September after a large police presence at the University of Dayton when a large crowd of students and non-students gathered in the south student neighborhood on Kiefaber Street.

News Center 7 also reported that there were reports of a few fights breaking in the crowd.

Several officers gave orders for the crowd to scatter, and two males were arrested. The situation ended around 1:30 a.m. back in September.

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The law would say people have to shut down parties when police show up and everyone who does not live at that location, must leave.

If they don’t, people could face criminal charges.

The City Commission Meeting is scheduled to start tonight at 6 p.m.

News Center 7 will be at tonight’s Dayton City Commission Meeting and provide any updates on what happens at tonight’s meeting.

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