WATCH: Officers break up large gathering at University of Dayton; At least 6 arrested

DAYTON — Officers arrested at least six people as they were breaking up a large gathering at the University of Dayton on Saturday.

>>PHOTOS: Officers breaking up large gathering at University of Dayton celebration

Students were celebrating St. Patrick’s Day a week after they got back on campus from spring break.

But it was interrupted “by a small group” on Lowes Street after being peaceful for much of the day, the university said in a statement.

One vehicle was destroyed as a group of people overturned it and then jumped on top.

“As officers tried to bring that situation under control, bottles, cans and other objects were thrown at them,” the university said. “Additional law enforcement resources were called to the scene. Officers then broadcast orders to clear the street from both police cruisers and a loudspeaker.”

UD also sent emails and text messages asking people to leave the area.

>>PHOTOS: Officers respond to large crowd at University of Dayton Celebration

Video from our News Center 7 crew on scene shows officers breaking up a large crowd of people gathered on Lowes Street.

It also showed students on top of an overturned car and a crowd of people moving away as officers arrived.

At least six people were arrested while officers cleared the streets, the school said.

Medics also responded, including the university’s student-run EMS service, and several people were transported to the hospital for alcohol-related issues

We will continue to provide updates of this developing story.

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