UD students reminded to report suspicious, concerning behavior after Sunday’s block party

UNIVERSITY OF DAYTON — The University of Dayton’s Department of Public Safety has issued a statement about the heavy police presence seen in a south student neighborhood Sunday night into early Monday morning.

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The statement reminds students to register for the campus emergency system where information can be sent as notifications.

Students have also been asked to contact Public Safety at (937) 229-2121 or through the Mobile BlueLight feature in the Flyer safe app if they witness any concerning or suspicious behavior.

The statement also reminds students to not participate in any behavior that compromises the safety and security of the campus community, or the ability of the police and other authorities to maintain order.

“It is a violation of the University’s Code of Conduct to participate in community disturbance or send mass invitations to them,” the statement read.

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The block party resulted in a signal 99 being called out by law enforcement, as well as the arrest of two people.

The information for the gathering was posted by an anonymous, non-UD social media account, which was then shared by many others, the statement said.

The University Police and Student Development increased staffing levels to prepare.

At 11 p.m., officers from the UD Public Safety and the City of Dayton went to Kiefaber Street to address a handful of fights that happened, involving both students and non-students, the statement said.

Officers investigated the report of a firearm but they did not find a subject or firearm. Additionally, they did not receive reports of shots fired.

“The University is aware of rumors circulating that claim gunshots were fired on or near campus; none of those rumors have been verified by law enforcement,” the statement read.

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Additional UD Public Safety officers and the Dayton Police Department responded to the area and worked to disperse the crowd.

The scene was cleared by 1:30 a.m., according to the statement.

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