Tornado cleanup effort underway in Celina

Published: Monday, November 06, 2017 @ 3:30 PM
Updated: Tuesday, November 07, 2017 @ 12:44 PM

Inside command center

UPDATE @ 12:40 p.m. (Nov 7)

Celina has been able to re-open all but two streets in the city. Schools were back in session Tuesday and ninety percent of the city has had power restored.

Celina Tornado: 911 calls describe moment the tornado first hit

NewsCenter 7’s Sean Cudahy will have more on the tornado cleanup effort starting at 5 p.m. on WHIO. 


The tornado that hit about a mile south of Celina on Sunday afternoon, injuring eight people, was an EF-2 that produced top winds of 120 mph and was on the ground for more than 5 miles, National Weather Service investigators confirmed Monday evening. 

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According to the statement the weather service released this evening: 

Law enforcement observed a funnel cloud near Main Street and Schunk Road. Just to the northeast of this report is where it appears the tornado first touched down, where multiple tree limbs between Main Street and West Bank Road were knocked down. 

Survey team members said they believe the tornado then skirted Grand Lake St. Marys, producing minor tree and structural damage near Lake Shore Drive at Elmgrove Avenue. 

The tornado then likely moved back over a small portion of Grand Lake St. Marys before knocking down a fence and a few small trees at the back parking lot of Wendy's on East Market Street. A one-story home on Vine Street also had shingles removed from about 10 percent of its roof. 

Further east on East Market Street, the tornado intensified as it destroyed the roof at Lakeshore Auto Sales. Along Lake Street, several large branches were knocked down. Further east, another business had a significant portion of its roof removed and windows at the front of it were broken. 

Dollar General in Celina.

Onto the 1100 block of East Livingston Street, tree damage was common and the roofs of several of the homes were damaged. A large hardwood tree was knocked onto the second floor of one of those homes, producing significant roof damage. 

To the northeast, an outbuilding associated with a business on Grand Lake Road was destroyed. On the other side of Grand Lake Road, significant debris wrapped around a fence on Montgomery Field. Trees were also uprooted on adjacent May Street. 

The most significant damage occurred at the Crown Equipment Corporation. A significant portion of the roof was removed and exterior walls on the southwest side of the building also collapsed. Damage was also noted on the east-facing side of the building. 

Businesses along Havermann Road were also affected, most notably C-Town Wings. Front windows were blown out there. At the Dollar General, considerable structural damage -- including roof collapse and exterior wall failure -- occurred. The damage to both businesses was consistent with EF-2 tornadic winds. 

Several businesses within a strip mall along Havermann Road also were damage, particularly a sports store where the front doors were blown in and a portion of the roof collapsed. 

Some trees were downed near Howick and Riley roads. 

The end of the tornado appears to have occurred near the 8000 block of Riley Road.


A severe thunderstorm that slammed into the Miami Valley on Sunday produced two EF-2 tornadoes in as many communities in Mercer County, the National Weather Service confirmed Monday afternoon. 

One touched down in Celina, the other a continuing twister that touched Wabash-St. Anthony and Western Mercer County. 

EF-2 tornadoes produced a maximum winds of 120 mph and a path length of 8 miles, NWS officials said after conducting a storm survey earlier in the day.  

The city of Celina is devastated by a tornado. Sky 7 is on the scene.

>> WHIO Doppler 7 Interactive Radar

Hours after the storm, Burville Road, located south of Ohio 29, remained closed, as well as parts of Mud Pike Road in Celina, Mercer County Sheriff Jeff Grey said. 

Many farms and turkey barns in the county were destroyed, he said. Area farmers brought out their equipment to help neighbors in need, added. 

Celina Mayor Jeff Hazel said Grand Lake and Havemann roads in Celina also remain shut.

Power is restored to about 90 percent of the city. A total of 40 businesses are without power.

Late Sunday, Hazel declared a State of Emergency for the city.

Two of Sunday’s strongest hit the east end of Celina’s business district. The National Weather Service initially said preliminary reports indicated an EF-1 tornado caused the damage.

Watch Sky7 drone video of damage to Crown Equipment in Celina after strong and severe storms pounded the region Sunday.

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Heat Index: What is it? Why does it matter?

Published: Thursday, May 24, 2018 @ 6:35 AM

Meteorologist Kirstie Zontini looks into what the heat index is and why it is important.

 In the winter we talk about wind chill and in the spring and summer, it is the heat index that is important, according to Storm Center 7 Meteorologist Kirstie Zontini.

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Both are apparent or "feels like" temperatures. The heat index is a "feels like" temperature that looks at the actual air temperature and how much moisture is in the air, either with relative humidity or dew point. When it is hot, it can be uncomfortable. When it is hot and muggy, it is a different level for our bodies. 

The amount of moisture in the air impacts how well our bodies can cool off. When you are hot, your body starts to sweat, that sweat is then evaporated from your body into the atmosphere. If the moisture content of the air is high, it is harder for that evaporation to take place, and harder then for your body to cool down. 

LISTEN: Cloudy with a chance of Podcast: A podcast for weather fans 

Here is the actual equation for calculating heat index: 


HI = -42.379 + 2.04901523*T + 10.14333127*RH - .22475541*T*RH - .00683783*T*T - .05481717*RH*RH + .00122874*T*T*RH + .00085282*T*RH*RH - .00000199*T*T*RH*RH


As the air temperature and relative humidity increase, the heat index will as well. If it is 88 degrees with a relative humidity of 55%, the heat index would be 93 degrees. If it was 100 degrees with a relative humidity of 55%, the heat index would reach 124 degrees. This makes being outside when it is hot and humid more dangerous. 

  • 80-90° - Use caution. Prolonged activity outside or exposure could be dangerous. 
  • 90-103°- Use extreme caution. Lengthy exposure can cause heat cramps, heat stroke or heat exhaustion
  • 103-124°- Danger! Heat cramps and heat exhaustion likely. Prolonged exposure can lead to heat stroke. 

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WHIO Weather App: Check Live Doppler 7 LOCAL radar, stormy forecast Memorial Day Weekend

Published: Friday, November 18, 2016 @ 2:01 PM
Updated: Tuesday, March 13, 2018 @ 10:59 AM

Weather app
Weather app

The free WHIO Weather App will keep you alert and informed of changing weather conditions, no matter where you are, at home or traveling on the road.  You’ll be able to access a live radar anytime, anywhere. You’ll also receive weather watches and warnings no matter where you are.

Install the WHIO Weather App free now from the Google Play or Apple store. Right at your fingertips, you'll have access to:

  • Live radar to track rain, lightning and storms
  • School closings 
  • Hour-by-hour forecasts 
  • Hyper-local forecasts for your county 
  • Forecasts wherever you travel in the U.S. 


Once you have downloaded the app, it is time to setup the locations you would like to monitor. Remember, these can change whenever you'd like with a push of a button. 

  • Once in the WHIO Weather app, look for the 'plus sign' at the top left of your screen  
  • Click Current Location to save your first city 

After that, you can save up to 10 locations by typing in the city and state. These locations can be anywhere you wish to receive weather updates. 


A new feature in the app is its ability to track storms even when the app isn't open and update you wherever you go...even out of state. If you travel into a location that is being impacted by weather, you will automatically be updated through the app. 

  • Once in the App, click the 'plus sign' at the top left of your screen 
  • Go to the Settings button at the bottom of your locations tab
  • Click Background Tracking, this will take you to your phone's settings
  • Make sure under the 'Location' option you chose 'always'


The WHIO Weather App is unique because it allows you to choose which the weather alerts for which you want to receive notifications. All watches, warnings and advisories that the National Weather Service issues are available in our app. 

  • Make sure there is a check by the alerts you want to receive
  • You can turn off any notification you don't want by clicking the check mark 


A special feature on the WHIO Weather App is the ability for the app to notify you ONLY when your GPS or saved locations are in the POLYGON for a warning. The National Weather Service draws polygons when it issues warnings and advisories. If your location isn't in the polygon, the alert will NOT go off. 

WATCHES on the other hand are issued for entire counties, not polygons. If your location falls in a county where a watch is issued you WILL get an alert. 


Unlike most apps that rely on a computer to just dump weather data on to their app, the StormCenter 7 Team updates the forecast on the WHIO Weather App each day, multiple times a day. With the WHIO Weather App you are getting a detailed forecast specifically created for the Miami Valley. It's not from a meteorologist many states away.


WHIO weather app in iPad


We've added the latest list of school and business closings and delays in the WHIO Weather App so you can check the list from wherever you're located. Simply open the app, along the bottom is a tool bar, 'Closings' is the third option from the left. This will take you directly to the most recently updated list. This new feature will better help you plan your day, allowing you to adjust as needed when your kids' school or your place of business issues a delay or closes due to road conditions or other reasons. 



If you miss a TV newscast, you can still keep up with the latest video forecasts our meteorologists create throughout the day. These short weather video segments tell the weather story of the day, how it will impact you, and contain their scientific explanations for unique elements of the forecast you won't get in a written story or graphic. This is a great tool during severe weather days and when a big winter storm may impact the Miami Valley. These custom video forecasts created by the StormCenter7 team of Meteorologists can be found under the 'Video' tab. 



The Interactive Radar is available year-round in the WHIO Weather App. Features on the app allow you to see lightning strikes along with satellite and radar. Under the 'Radar' tab you can click on the 'Layer' icon to overlay things like watches and warnings so you can see where storms and alerts are in relation to your location.

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WPAFB Friday Weather: Sunshine, warmer temperatures continue 

Published: Thursday, May 24, 2018 @ 11:36 PM

WRIGHT PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE—Plenty of sunshine for the day with even warmer temperatures than earlier in the week peaking in the mid-80s.

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Humidity will build through the weekend as highs top out in the mid to upper 80s. A few pop up showers are expected both Saturday and Sunday. 

Hot, humid temperatures, including a 90 degree index are in the forecast for Memorial Day. 

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Clear skies overnight; threat for Memorial Day weekend storms

Published: Wednesday, May 23, 2018 @ 3:30 AM
Updated: Wednesday, May 23, 2018 @ 5:10 PM

Humidity and chances for storms return for memorial weekend.

Skies will be clear with comfortable conditions as temperatures drop into the middle 50s, Storm Center 7 Chief Meteorologist Eric Elwell said.


  • Quiet and comfortable overnight
  • Air Quality Advisory Thursday for Butler, Warren counties
  • Memorial Day weekend: Heat, humidity, threat for pop-up storms

>> WHIO Live Doppler 7 HD Interactive Radar


>> Air Pollution Advisory Thursday for Butler, Warren counties

Thursday: Lots of sunshine is expected with temperatures rebounding back into the lower 80s. Humidity levels will remain low. An Air Quality Advisory is issued for Thursday for Butler and Warren counties in anticipation of high ozone levels.

An Air Quality Advisory is in place for Thursday in Butler and Warren counties

>> Tropical System may form over Memorial Day Weekend

Friday: Mostly sunny skies are in the forecast but temperatures will heat up into the middle 80s.

>> What is the UV index and how do you protect your skin?

>> County-by-County Weather

Saturday: The heat and humidity will begin to build with partly cloudy skies. There is a chance for some afternoon and evening pop-up thunderstorms. Highs will be in the upper 80s.

>> LISTEN: Cloudy with a chance of Podcast: A podcast for weather fans 

>> #SkyWitness7 How to spot the planet Jupiter through the weekend

Sunday: It will be quite warm and humid with partly cloudy skies and a chance for pop-up thunderstorms.

>> 5-Day Forecast

Memorial Day:  Expect it to be partly cloudy and humid Monday with a continued chance of mainly afternoon/evening pop-up storms. Highs will be in the upper 80s.

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