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UAW strike continues for 10th day, could impact some car repairs

OHIO — Monday marks 10 days since members of the United Auto Works union walked off the job and onto the picket line.

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Union members are turning up the heat on General Motors and Stellantis.

At least 5,600 workers joined the UAW strike Friday from 38 parts distribution centers.

“What do we want? Contract!” UAW protestors shouted.

The strike means some car repairs could come to a screeching halt.

“We supply parts to the dealer,” said Carina Rosales. “So, if dealers have a limited supply, they’re not going to be able to repair cars or do maintenance vehicles.”

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They joined more than 13,000 union employees who were already striking at three plants in Ohio, Michigan, and Missouri.

The UAW is demanding higher wages and higher benefits.

President Joe Biden will travel to Detroit to “join the picket line.”

The decision comes after former President Trump announced plans to go to Detroit to speak to a rally of workers.

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The UAW strike expanded across Ohio.

Workers at a Stellantis plant outside of Akron also hit the picket lines this weekend.

Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown was also at the strike.

“The CEO of Stellantis makes 365 times what the average Chrysler worker makes,” he said. “These workers just say, ‘give us, give us a fair settlement, make up for the sacrifices we made.’”

Northeast Ohio is one of 38 locations across 20 states to go on strike, according to the UAW.

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