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Springfield native, Grammy award winner encouraging people to vote in August Special Election

HAMILTON COUNTY — A Grammy Award-winning Springfield native is encouraging people to vote in Ohio’s Special Election in August.

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John Legend went door-to-door Tuesday in Hamilton County encouraging people to vote in next month’s special election.

Issue 1 will be the only thing on the ballot.

Legend opposes Issue 1.

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If it passes, it will require signatures from all 88 counties to get an amendment on the ballot. It would also need 60% approval.

Right now, it takes signatures from 44 counties and 50% statewide vote.

“Part of how people win is by us being ignorant and not knowing what’s going on,” said Legend. “So, I’m out here making sure people know what’s happening.”

Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose said Issue 1 is designed to protect the Ohio Constitution from special interests and out-of-state activists.

You can visit the Ohio Secretary of State’s website,, and print off a sample ballot to get a look at it before Special Election Day.

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