‘Do you know what Issue 1 is?’ Voters say they’ll do homework before Aug. 8 special election

DAYTON — “Do you know what Issue 1 is?”

News Center 7 took to the streets Friday to ask that question to see how many voters know about the Aug. 8 special election that has only one issue on the ballot -- Whether or not to change the process to amend the state constitution.

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Election Day is one month from Saturday. Early voting begins Tuesday.

News Center 7 Reporter John Bedell spoke with several people off-camera and they answered correctly. Two-thirds of those interviewed could not.

Voter approval of the issue would make amending the state constitution in the future more difficult. An amendment would require signatures from all 88 counties, then a 60-percent statewide vote to pass it.

Right now, the standard is to gather signatures from 44 counties and a 50-percent statewide vote.

News Center 7 has reported about the Ohio Ballot Board’s meeting in June to re-write the ballot language on Issue 1, on an order from the state Supreme Court to correct wording.

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This news organization also has covered informational sessions convened to help voters understand Issue 1.

Regardless of how they will vote on Aug. 8, voters told Bedell they will do their homework before casting their ballot.

“Honestly, I haven’t read up on that yet. I will though,” said Dan Andrews of Vandalia.

Another voter, Gina Brenner of Tipp City said, “You definitely have to research each issue you want to make a difference and make sure you’re informed.”

Still, another, Jason Kennison of Butler Twp. said, “I think it’s important everybody [do their] due diligence with what’s going on these days. They need to research the issues and make sure they vote with education and conscience.”

You can visit the Ohio Secretary of State’s website, ohiosos.gov, and print off a sample ballot to get a look at it before Special Election Day.

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