‘I just started smelling jet fuel;’ Man describes plane crash on Florida highway

NAPLES, FL — We are hearing from a man who saw a plane crash and catch fire in the middle of Interstate 75 in Florida on Friday.

>>PHOTOS: At least 2 dead after plane that traveled from Ohio crashes on Florida highway

News Center 7 previously reported that a Bombardier Challenger 600 jet carrying five people crashed on I-75 near Naples, Florida around 3:15 p.m., the FAA confirmed.

The plane traveled from Ohio and crashed in Florida.

Tracking the jet’s tail number, N823KD, the flight appeared to have been headed to the Naples Airport from Ohio State, according to FlightAware and WINK.

A spokesperson from Ohio State said the plane is not affiliated with the university.

The pilot and co-pilot, both from Florida, died. A 27-year-old crew member, also from Florida, and two passengers from Columbus survived.

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One man lives near the crash site and considers himself very lucky because the neighborhood he lives in is separated by a barrier.

“We were very lucky,” said Javid Kapadia. “Because again, maybe another 150 yards or so. And thank God for that barrier.”

He said he was about to leave for the gym when he heard an explosion and then his house shook. He then ran outside and saw clouds of black smoke and there was a strong smell.

“Maybe about 150 yards or so south of my house and I just started smelling jet fuel,” said Kapadia. “I thought maybe it was an oil tanker.”

>>PREVIOUS COVERAGE: At least 2 dead after plane that traveled from Ohio crashes on Florida highway

He also said the actions of the pilot also saved lives.

“Very fortunate, especially for that pilot who really did everything he could to save lives on the ground,” explained Kapadia. “Because I imagine if he was just right over that barrier that could have been one of our homes right over here could have been our home could have been these homes right back here.”

The FAA continues to investigate the cause of this crash.

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