‘You could hear the house shaking;’ Man’s longtime home unrecognizable after Clark Co. tornado

CLARK COUNTY — Houses across Clark County were damaged after a tornado touched down early Wednesday morning.

News Center 7′s Taylor Robertson talked to a man who has lived on Newlove Road in Harmony Township for more than 30 years. His home is now unrecognizable.

Doyle Bethel said he struggled to find a way out of his home after the storm because fallen trees on his home blocked some of the doors to get out.

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“You could hear the house shaking, it was a unique experience,” Bethel said. “It sounded like we were right next to a jet engine.”

Bethel said he could hear the windows rattling and his power went out.

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“I had to go get the flashlights and things like that cause I knew if the lights went out there was probably power out in spots, so I didn’t want to run across any live wires,” Bethel said.

Bethel said a few years back a wind storm came through and caused damage to his home, but not compared to Wednesday morning’s storm.

“This one was far more severe,” he said.

Once he was done checking out the damage to his home he started checking on his neighbors.

“After looking around and seeing nobody else was hurt around there, you have to give thanks. We can’t control nature,” Bethel said.

Bethel said he has already reached out to his insurance company to find out what is next for his home, but ultimately he was just thankful he, his wife, and neighbors are okay.

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