‘We are very scared;’ Family looking for answers after their home was set on fire

XENIA — A family is terrified after someone set fire to their home in Xenia.

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Footage from Lindsey Bradley’s ring camera shows someone walking around the home before walking away. Smoke is seen later in the video.

Bradley told News Center 7′s Malik Patterson that they returned home 20 minutes after the fire was started.

“We left to go to dinner and then came right back, we were gone about an hour,” Bradley said. “When we went in the house was full of smoke.”

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It took four minutes for fire crews to respond to the home, according to the Xenia Fire Department. Xenia Police Department is saying this is an arson investigation.

“Actively in the firefighting stage and we already knew that this was a set fire because of the ring camera or whatever camera system they had,” Xenia Fire Division LT. Josh Van Dyne said.

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Bradley said her children are still nervous about this happening again. She plans to install more cameras.

“We definitely stocked up and are ready for if someone else tries to come to this property again.”

The person in the video has not yet been identified, and Bradley and her family are looking for answers.

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“We are very scared, I mean my son’s room sits right there,” Bradley said.

Bradley is asking anyone who has additional information to contact her and the police.

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