Wapakoneta man shares family’s story of hope after deadly Amtrak train crash in Missouri

WAPAKONETA — A man whose family was onboard the Amtrack passenger train that struck a dump truck in Missouri is sharing a different side of the tragedy — hope.

Dr. Joshua Steinke posted a photo of the 16 family members on his public Facebook page, detailing the family’s story.

Steinke said everyone was returning from a 10-day trip across the United States when it tragically collided with a dump truck outside of Mendon, Missouri.

Four people were killed and 150 were injured.

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He said that 14 of the family members returned home safely Thursday morning, with the other two currently on their way home.

“While battered and bruised, they are extremely thankful to be alive and with their families,” Steinke wrote in the post.

He said while the media has covered the tragedy of the event, there is another thing the family wants the world to know — the generosity of strangers.

After the crash, Steinke said hundreds of local people, farmers, families and first responders ran to help the passengers.

Using their personal cars and resources to make sure the victims were fed, cared for and even taken to the hospital if needed.

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“Passengers aboard the train and Amtrak employees who were strangers at one moment immediately became lifelines and helping hands the next,” he wrote.

Steinke ends the post by saying the family wishes to have space and time to heal but appreciates the community reaching out in support of his family.

“While a tragedy, this is an incredible story of small-town people helping small-town people,” he writes.