‘A true Warrior;’ Huber Heights superintendent picks up routes amid bus driver shortage

HUBER HEIGHTS — Bus driver shortages are impacting schools across the country, but an area school district’s superintendent is stepping up to make sure students get to class.

Huber Heights City Schools Superintendent Jason Enix has been helping out the district’s transportation team by picking up routes, according to a social media post from the school district.

“Superintendent Jason Enix is a true Warrior!” the post said.

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News Center 7′s Brandon Lewis reports the school district has about 45 bus drivers and are looking for four to five substitute drivers. When there’s a need, the superintendent steps up.

Erica Ford, Huber Heights City Schools Transportation Supervisor, said she’s had to call Superintendent Enix three times to take on routes since starting the position in October.

Lewis says Enix has had a C.D.L. license since 2018 and told the district he’d be ready to help whenever.

He said it was little overwhelming at first to drive a bus full of students but knows how important of a job it is and describes bus drivers as unsung heroes for getting kids to school safely every day.

“When you have a chance to really be the first person kids see in their school day or the last person kids see when they go home,” he said. “There’s a lot of feel good about being able to do that.”

“(Enix) he’s not one to brag about himself,” Ford said. “What he’s done for morale for our department here has been, we’re just so thankful, we’re just so thankful for him.

Lewis reports Enix may not always be available but he will continue to help when he can.

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The Huber Heights City School district isn’t the only one in the region that has experienced a shortage in bus drivers.

Kettering City Schools superintendent, Mindy McCarty-Stewart, told News Center 7 in August that the district was struggling with the shortage of bus drivers and was working to quickly fix that problem.

Dayton Public Schools has also experienced bussing issues this school year and has held multiple hiring events to hire drivers.

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