Back to School: Kettering City Schools welcome students for the new school year

KETTERING — More school districts in the Miami Valley are beginning the new school year today, including Kettering City Schools.

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News Center 7′s Dontre Drexelius spoke with Kettering’s new superintendent, Mindy McCarty-Stewart, about several topics.

She said she wants nothing but the best for this upcoming school year when it comes to education, safety, transportation, staffing, and everything else needed to make the school years as smooth as possible.

The one thing they are struggling with is the shortage of bus drivers, Drexelius reports.

The superintendent said the district is working to quickly to fix that problem and one solution involved moving unassigned drivers to routes.

As for teachers, she told Drexelius the district is fully staffed and also discussed safety concerns parents have.

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“Safety committees have been working looking at what our security measures and the strength of those,” McCarty-Stewart said. “We have a very strong partnership with the Kettering City Police Department.”

Kettering Police Chief Pressman spoke at the district’s opening ceremony and they have a great presence within their school resource officers and the entire Kettering Police Department, McCarty-Stewart told Drexelius.

“It does take all of us from our grounds crew, to our teaching staff, support staff, to our police department, to our students, to our families,” she concluded.

When it come to school resource officers, McCarty-Stewart said they are staffed and confident with the team they have in place.

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