Trotwood-Madison football team cleans up debris after tornado hits

TROTWOOD — It’s all hands on deck in Trotwood as residents try and clean up after a tornado hit the area Memorial Day night.

That effort includes some of the city’s top athletes.

Several members of the Rams football team have been out the last three days helping clean up storm-ravaged areas.

News Center 7 caught up with the team in Westbrooke Village Thursday afternoon.

Trotwood-Madison head coach Jeff Graham and his players were helping take down a large tree in the backyard of a home that belongs to a Trotwood teacher.

“She’s one of my favorite teachers,” said Keon’te Huguely. “Made sure I ate good at school.”

“We’re just trying to help the people out in the community,” said Kerry Ivy. “Give some folks some hope; get people some kind of normalcy, which is going to be hard after something like this happens.”

The Trotwood athletes said they plan to be available as long as their help is needed.

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