MAP: Miami Valley tornadoes, water distribution and general help locations

Multiple tornadoes rolled over the Miami Valley area Memorial Day evening and overnight into Tuesday, causing massive destruction and displacing numerous residents from their homes.

Many people in the area are impacted by water and power outages. Others are in need of shelter.

Below, we've compiled an interactive map showing all locations we're currently aware of where you can find shelter, water/ice, showers, general aid and more. We also include information on major damage areas as well as tornado paths.

We will continue to update the map as we gather and confirm information.


  • View the legend: click or tap the icon in the top-left corner of the map. It looks like a square box with an arrow on the left side pointing right.
  • View larger version (RECOMMENDED): click or tap the icon in the top-right corner of the map. It looks like a square box with the sides removed and only the corners remaining.
  • To view more info about a marker: click or tap that marker to select it. On a larger computer, information will be shown on the left side of the map. On a phone, tap "MORE INFO" at the bottom of the map (works best when viewing the larger version mentioned in the step above).
  • To request an addition to the map: please your request to darius.babcock@coxinc.com along with the address and service the location is offering (e.g. bottled water, shelter, etc.)
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