Transgender woman found not guilty on charges related to using female locker room at Xenia YMCA

XENIA — A Xenia Municipal Court judge has issued a ruling in the indecent exposure case involving a transgender woman at the Xenia YMCA.

Judge David McNamee found Darren Glines, who identifies as a woman and goes by the first name of Rachel, not guilty on three counts of indecent exposure, Glines’ attorneys announced Monday morning.

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In a decision filed Friday evening, McNamee said there was “little dispute as to the facts of the case.” He noted that the Executive Director of the Fairborn YMCA, Jacqueline Brockman, testified that Glines was authorized by herself and other employees to use the women’s locker room at all Greater Dayton area YMCA facilities, including the Xenia location.

“There is no question that [Glines] was in the women’s locker room. However, [Glines] was not charged with trespass, nor was [Glines] charged with being in an area of the YMCA where [Glines] was not supposed to be. Quiet simply, the facts do not exist to support a find of guilt, as charges,” McNamee wrote.

In a statement release Monday, Glines’ attorneys said the facts and law were on Glines’ side “from the beginning.”

“It’s unfortunate not only for her, but for the entire community, that the filing of these charges ever occurred. We are grateful that the rule of law and the truth prevailed so that Ms. Glines and the community can move on in peace,” Lauren Dever and Keara Dever, attorneys for Glines, said in a statement.

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Glines, who has not undergone gender reassignment surgery, was at the center of complaints dating back to 2021. Complaints pertained to at least three people who reported “reported seeing a naked male in the female’s locker room.” In one of the three complaints, it was reported that three juveniles were present.

In a statement previously sent to News Center 7, the YMCA of Greater Dayton noted they will continue to comply with legal mandates, while ensuring the privacy and safety of all members.

“Under no circumstance will we investigate an individual’s birth identity and then assign individuals to locker rooms. That would be counter to the law, counter to respect for all people and it is not who or what we are as an organization,” a statement from YMCA read.

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