Transgender woman facing indecent exposure charges for using female locker room at Xenia YMCA

XENIA — A transgender woman who has not undergone gender reassignment surgery is facing indecent exposure after complains from women using the locker room at the Xenia YMCA.

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Complaints at the YMCA center around a person identified in Xenia Municipal Court documents as Darren Glines, 31, but we’ve been made aware that Glines identifies as a woman and goes by the first name of Rachel.

Glines has been charged three counts of indecent exposure, according to court documents.

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The complaints filed against Glines date back to 2021 and 2022 and pertain to at least three complaints of people who “reported seeing a naked male in the female’s locker room.” In one of the three complaints, it was reported that three juveniles were present.

The president of the Xenia City Council, Williams Urshcel, recently discussed the issue during a legal discussion at a Greene County Tea Party meeting that was recorded. He repeated his understanding of the story of one of the women that complained.

“So she went to the front desk and said, ‘Hey, I don’t know if you know what’s going on, but there’s a naked man in there,’” Urshcel said. “She was informed, ‘No this is actually a woman, and that you shouldn’t be disturbed by this.’”

Urshcel and officials at Greater Dayton YMCA declined News Center 7′s request for an interview Tuesday, but YMCA officials said their policy is in accordance with the Ohio Civil Rights Commission.

A spokesperson for the city of Xenia released a statement Tuesday afternoon saying that comments made by Urshel were “his own and were not authorized by or on behalf of the rest of the City Council, the Mayor the City Manager or the Law Director.” The spokesperson also said that the city’s law department does not plan to bring charges against the YMCA in regards to the case.

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“Neither the Xenia City Council, nor any member of the Council, had any part in the decision to file public indecency charges regarding the use of the YMCA’s locker rooms. The decision to file charges was based on the facts presented to the Law Department by the Xenia Police Division and the language of state statute,” the spokesperson said.

In a statement, the YMCA of Greater Dayton noted they will continue to comply with legal mandates, while ensuring the privacy and safety of all members.

“Under no circumstance will we investigate an individual’s birth identity and then assign individuals to locker rooms. That would be counter to the law, counter to respect for all people and it is not who or what we are as an organization,” a statement from YMCA read.

Glines is expected to appear in court next week, according to online court records.

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