Tips from AAA for drivers in preparing to travel before Thanksgiving

OHIO — If anyone is planning to drive for the Thanksgiving holiday, there is a lot that can go wrong with their car.

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There are things they can do now to make sure they don’t get stranded, according to CBS affiliate WSAW.

AAA says drivers should bring their cars in for an inspection before long road trips and also remember to get those headlights checked.

“It’s a great idea to polish your headlights,” said Kent Olson, President, and owner of Olson Tire & Auto Services. “We get corrosion, and you get a cloudiness that really affects in with daylight savings time affecting that as well. It’s darker that much earlier.”

Drivers are advised to also check their fluid levels before hitting the road.

Olson also says it’s important to remember the true meaning of the holiday and be kind.

“I would also tell people to be patient,” he said. “We’re all very, very, very busy. We’re all trying to get there.”

AAA says Thanksgiving itself will likely be the least congested day for traffic. But if drivers do need to leave another day, they recommend doing it in the morning when there will be less traffic than in the afternoon.

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