TAPS survivor seminar and grief camp held this weekend at University of Dayton

More than 200 family members of fallen military heroes came together this weekend at the University of Dayton, according to a release.

The Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS) held a survivor seminar and good grief camp starting Friday, July 27, and ending tomorrow, Sunday, July 29. This is to help military-loss survivors explore new tools to help cope with grief.

The three-day seminar gave survivors the opportunity to honor their loved ones while learning how to cope with grief and find healing in their shared experiences.

Active service members from Wright-Patterson Air Force Base also attended, along with volunteers to serve as mentors to children who have lost a family member who served.

Paul and Nanette Zanowick of Miamisburg lost their son, Paul Zanowick II--also known as Rocky--seven years ago when he was on his second tour of Afghanistan as Marine Corporal.

“The folks who say don’t you think it’s about time you’re over that, are someone who have never walked in your shoes and gone through the grief you’ve gone through,” said Mrs. Zanowick.

The couple took part in the TAPS program this weekend for the first time.

“Really didn’t know what to expect and so we have that thing of the unknown,” said Mr. Zanowick.

“As alone as we feel in our grief, we’re not,” added Mrs. Zanowick.

“It’s a safe place for us. We can actually cry together, laugh together, hold each other up, and we can share these experiences,” continued Mr. Zanowick.

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