Roughly 40 people attend charity basketball clinic held at Carroll High School

About 8-9 people per session attended a four-session charity basketball clinic held Sunday from 11:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. at Carroll High School located at 4524 Linden Avenue.

The cost was $10 per person, and grades 4 through college/pro were able to participate.

The clinic was hoping to raise about $350, and all proceeds will be donated to For the Love of Children--a Dayton based foundation for foster families and children.

Each two hour session involved skill and development training with former college basketball player and current trainer, Xander Smart.

“If you have the opportunity, and your in a position to give back, especially to the young people in our community, that’s really important to do that because if we give back and help those who are younger, then those are the people who are going to make a change in our world in the future,” said Smart.

“So helping the young kids out is something I’m passionate about and something I think more people should do,” he continued.

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