Supply chain issues leaving some people without heat

MIAMI VALLEY — Supply chain issues are impacting many industries. Some people across the Miami Valley are without heat currently due to a supply chain shortage.

Gloria Scott told News Center 7′s Candace Price that she started to notice problems at her Xenia home last week.

When she arrived home after work, she realized something was wrong.

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“The fumes hit me,” Scott said.

She has a carbon monoxide leak in her home. Scott said she was scared, but then rushed to check on her granddaughter.

“She said, ‘I have a headache,’” Scott said.

Scott called the fire department and soon learned she would need a new furnace.

“What do I do? What about my water? It’s going to freeze. It’s going to snow,” Scott said.

Christ Seiter, owner of Seiter Services, said he spent hours on the phone trying to find parts from supply houses across the county for his customers, including Scott whose parts were going to take five days to get in.

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Seiter said he has a dozen customers without heat right now.

“We have one customer who has two furnaces that we’re waiting six weeks for parts for,” Seiter said.

Seiter said if there is something in your home that you need repaired, it is best to fix it sooner rather than later due to the current supply chain issues.

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