Super load to move through Greene County today

GREENE COUNTY — Drivers may have to take a route today due to a super load moving through Greene County.

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Capital City will be moving an electric transformer from the AES substation site on Dayton Xenia Road to the New Honda Battery Plant in Jeffersonville, according to the Greene County Engineer’s Office.

News Center 7 is following the super load to see how the move goes for News Center 7 starting at 5:00

The super load will be 214 feet long, 18 feet wide, and weigh 540,000 pounds.

Law enforcement will be escorting it.

The route will start around 9 a.m. this morning and there will be road closures.

The following roads will be closed:

  • Dayton Xenia Road to Trebein Road to Dayton Xenia Road
  • Dayton Xenia Road to Allison
  • Allison to Bellbrook
  • Bellbrook to Industrial
  • Industrial to U.S. 42
  • U.S. 42 to Old US 35
  • Old US 35 to Bickett Road
  • Bickett Road to U.S. 35
  • US 35 to State Route 435 to State Route 729
  • State Route 729 to Millidgeville-Jefferson to Fent

The super load should be out of Greene County in about three hours.

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