Local school district forced to cut jobs due to budget deficit

TIPP CITY — Money problems are forcing a local school district to cut jobs.

Tempers flared at the Tipp City Schools board of education meeting Tuesday night.

Teachers and community members waited more than an hour to talk to the school board after it went to executive session.

“You should all be ashamed of yourselves because you are not worthy to sit in those board seats,” Kathy Bone said.

People were passionate at the podium, sticking up for Tipp City teachers.

The leading voice for the teachers was Brenda Mahaney, Tipp City Education Association president.

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“How we treat people matters,” Mahaney said. “A brave leader is someone who says ‘I see you, I hear you and I don’t have all the answers but I’m going to keep listening and keep making questions.’”

She said since the last school board meeting the 18.5 teachers being fired have been told who they are.

“Due to retirements we will lose 14 people to the rift process,” Mahaney said. “Everybody is devastated.”

The district’s treasurer, David Stevens, said the cuts are necessary.

“We have spent $2.4 million more than brought in this year, but we need to make corrections to get better,” Stevens said.

But Mahaney said teachers feel like they should not be punished because the district cannot manage its money.

After more than three hours, the board read this statement in part about the rift:

“This decision has not been easy for anyone but it must be made. This is the only option to get out of the deficit.”

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