‘We’re lucky;’ Storm destroys barn at Young’s Jersey Dairy

CLARK COUNTY — Like many across the Miami Valley, Young’s Jersey Dairy is reporting damage from the severe, tornado-warned storms.

The owners took to social media Wednesday morning to show the damage done overnight.

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“One of the two barns at the Christmas Tree farm was a casualty of the storm,” they wrote.

Photos shared on their Facebook page, along with photos captured by News Center 7 showed parts of the barn laying throughout the rows of Christmas trees.

As we reported on News Center 7 at 5:00, owner Ben Young spoke about the damage with News Center 7′s Nick Foley.

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“My neighbor, Gail, called and said, ‘It looks like (a) tornado got into your barn’ and I thought I hope it didn’t blow the door off. Well, it blew the door off and took the entire barn,” Young said.

Young has been operating the Christmas Tree farm since the mid-80s and had just built the nearly thousand-foot barn several years back. Now, it’s scattered eight-by-eight beams and torn metal.

“The red barn at Young’s been there since 1869. We’re lucky cows were inside and no damage at Young’s Dairy. We lost the barn, no one got hurt, we have our homes, and we’ll be ready to sell Christmas trees in December,” he said.

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