School districts across region thinking of ways to keep students off phones while in class

XENIA — Some Miami Valley school districts are thinking of ways they can keep their students off their cell phones while in class.

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One way is called the Yondr Pouch program.

News Center 7′s Taylor Robertson reports Xenia High School is thinking about implementing this system.

The way it works is when students to school in the morning, they will put their phone in the Yondr Pouch and won’t be able to get to it until the end of the day or if an administrator unlocks it for them.

The pouch uses a magnetic lock to keep it closed.

To unlock it, you must tap the phone on an unlocking base.

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Amy Gayheart, Fairborn City Schools assistant superintendent, says their school district has already implemented this system.

She states it is another way they are working to limit cell phone use at school.

“We had to take another step in order to better be able to limit their use of cell phones during school hours,” she said. “Things that stem from social media or texting, bullying or harassment, the videotaping of things in very private areas like bathrooms and we’ve found that we’re kind of fighting a losing battle.”

Gayheart told Robertson that students will be able to have their phones with them all day but won’t have access to use them until they leave for the day.

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The Xenia City School District will be talking about putting the Yondr Pouch system in place tonight at 6:30 p.m. during a board meeting.

West Carrollton City Schools is also preparing to test this new system during their second quarter in their intermediate middle and high schools.

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