Reds to use new technology aimed at combating ‘sign stealing’

CINCINNATI — The Cincinnati Reds are using new technology aimed at changing what some consider a big problem in baseball.

The problem is “sign stealing” or when an opposing player on second base has a clear view of the catchers pitching signal.

But “PitchCom” could make that a problem of the past.

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PitchCom is a wristband worn by players that has buttons on it that represents different kinds of pitches.

“We used it in some games, and I think the pitchers seemed to enjoy it,” Reds catcher Tyler Stephenson told our news partners at WCPO.

Stephenson said it was easy to understand after using it a few times.

When the catcher presses a button, the device transmits a voice to a headset, worn by the pitcher.

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The voice tells the pitcher what pitch to throw, and also specifies the location.

“Our players loved it, so it was an easy decision for me to start really liking the idea of it,” Reds manager David Bell said.

The Reds are one of upwards of 20 major league teams using the technology.

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