‘Really exciting;’ Businesses respond to new DORA district coming to Centerville

CENTERVILLE — A new area to drink outdoors is on the way.

The new DORA in Centerville will include businesses near Franklin and Main Streets.

Many businesses in the area said they are excited for more foot traffic.

Matt Carr is the assistant general manager of Manna.

He said he is feeling good after Centerville overwhelmingly approved a new DORA for its uptown area.

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A move that benefitted its sister restaurant Salar when Dayton created DORA in the Oregon District.

“I think we’re definitely going to see the same thing here. I think all of the businesses want that because then you can go and just carry a drink or do anything you want go from a restaurant to the boutique, to shop, or down maybe to the humidor to have a cigar or something like that. I think it draws people in and I think it’s really exciting,” Carr said.

An increased volume in foot traffic that many area businesses believe might not exist without a little added incentive for visitors.

“The city has plans for some outside events. So that’s really gonna bring and drive people to the city of Centerville and we’re all a big community here,” Sally Fitzgibbons, General Manager of City Barbeque said.

Those planning to come to the uptown Centerville area to stroll around with an adult beverage may have to wait a bit.

The city said it has to order special signs and cups, so they anticipate an early summer timeline.

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