Pedestrian dies after being struck by vehicle fleeing traffic stop in Englewood, police say

ENGLEWOOD — One of two pedestrians who were struck by a vehicle that was fleeing from police in Englewood Sunday has died.

An Englewood Police officer tried to conduct a traffic stop for speed and fictitious license plates of a tan Volvo on North Main Street towards Sweet Potato Ridge Road, according to Sergeant Mike Lang from the Englewood Police Department.

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“The suspect vehicle did not stop with the officer’s lights and sirens and proceeded 1.3 miles down Main Street from Wolf Avenue right here to Sweet Potato Ridge Road,” Lang said.

While trying to flee, the Volvo t-boned a white Toyota while trying to turn left on Sweet Potato Ridge Road.

The Volvo then went left onto a sidewalk where the driver hit two pedestrians who were walking southbound. Lang confirmed with News Center 7 Monday that one of the two pedestrians has died from their injuries. The other pedestrian suffered serious injuries.

The initial police officer chasing the Volvo immediately got out of their cruiser and joined bystanders to perform life-saving measures on the two pedestrians.

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“Not only were other bystanders involved, the officer involved in pursuit left for the cruiser and immediately rendered aid to the pedestrian,” Lang said.

The driver of the Toyota was transported to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, Lang said.

The Volvo continued up through the yard and then came to a stop before hitting the house.

There were two people in the Volvo who then ran away from the scene. A K-9 found the two suspects in a shed four houses down from the crash.

“The suspects in the vehicle who have since been determined to both have active warrants to Montgomery County, are now suffering from drug overdose symptoms and have also been transported to the hospital,” Lang said.

These events all occurred within 60 seconds, from the time the traffic stop began, to when the K-9 found the suspects.

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office has taken over the case and will now investigate.

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