Oregon District Shooting

Oregon District Shooting: Memorial service held to remember 9 victims killed 4 years ago

DAYTON — People gathered Friday evening to remember the nine victims killed four years ago in the Oregon District Shooting.

>>PHOTOS: Memorial service held to remember 9 victims killed 4 years ago in Oregon District

Monica Brickhouse, Nicholas Cumer, Derrick Fudge, Thomas McNichols, Lois Oglesby, Saeed Saleh, Logan Turner, Beatrice Warren-Curtis, and Megan Betts were killed in the Oregon District on August 4, 2019.

The memorial service was organized to remember the victims by Dion Green and the Fudge Foundation.

He survived the shooting that night in 2019, but his father, Derrick Fudge, did not.

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Dion told NewsCenter 7 Friday he is still hurting four years later.

“I found myself in the hospital two weeks ago from the trauma that I’ve experienced with high blood pressure,” he said. “I never had high blood pressure symptoms in my life with the stress and knowing what’s coming up and knowing what I endured, put me in the hospital. So, people need to quit seeing, realizing what’s going on the surface because you see me here and I’m smiling and I’m loving and giving hugs that I’m really hurt inside.”

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NewsCenter 7 also spoke with a group of mothers who lost children to gun violence. They traveled to Dayton to pay their respects to the nine victims.

“Five seconds, just take five seconds, your anger can destroy generations,” said Meshell Blair, Mothers of Murdered Columbus Children. “What you do in one moment can have a ripple effect, because it’s not just the person that you’re taking away, its generations of families.”

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NewsCenter 7′s John Bedell spoke with Michael Turner, the father of Logan Turner, on Friday.

He said Logan was celebrating his 30th birthday that night in the Oregon District.

“I miss him dearly. I miss him,” he told Bedell. “He was just a fun-loving, honest, hardworking young man.”

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NewsCenter 7 also spoke with Jeremy Granger. He was a bouncer at Ned Pepper’s that night and helped get people inside the bar and away from the shooter.

30 seconds after the shooter started firing, Dayton Police shot and killed outside the bar’s entrance.

“It feels great that people remember, you know what I did that night,” he told John Bedell. “It makes me feel good. It helps me with my healing. But also, people need to realize the true heroes are the six police officers.”

Granger also showed NewsCenter 7 on Friday a Facebook message from someone who said, “I was the last person you let in the bar that night. Thank you.”

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When it comes to the permanent memorial to honor the victims, the 8-4 Memorial Committee has five designs.

It said it will choose one in the next couple of months.

There is $200,000 to create the memorial next to the Trolley Stop on East Fifth Street.

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