Ohio officer fired after being accused of having sex with Kroger employee while on special duty

COLUMBUS — An Ohio police officer was fired this week after he was accused of having consensual sex with a Kroger employee while working special duty.

Robert Spann, a former Columbus Division of Police Officer, was working special duty at Kroger at the time of the incident involving the store employee, our news partners at WBNS-10 TV reported.

Surveillance cameras at the store captured the two multiple times, according to Police Chief Elaine Bryant.

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Though Spann was on special duty, Bryant said he still needed to follow the policies and expected behavior of a Columbus police officer.

“He wore the Columbus Division of Police uniform during these incidents,” she said.

The incident was reported to the inspector general by management at Kroger. Those at Kroger decided that they did not prosecute this case for criminal investigation, Bryant said.

“Whether an officer is on duty being paid by the taxpayers of Columbus or a private special duty entity, they represent this division and are expected to conduct themselves accordingly. Officer Spann’s conduct violated his oath and his duty to serve, and brought dishonor to the Division of Police,” Columbus Public Safety Director Kate Pishotti said. “His inappropriate conduct while in a uniformed capacity, although privately paid, neglected his responsibilities. The kind of behavior demonstrated here is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.”

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