Oakwood votes to suspend construction on Five Points roundabout

OAKWOOD — The City of Oakwood has voted to suspend construction on its traffic signal alternative at one of its busiest intersections.

The Oakwood Five Point Intersection would have been located near Far Hills Avenue (or state Route 48), Oakwood Avenue, and Thruston Boulevard.

The intersection has been controlled by a traditional traffic signal for decades.

However, over the years, the signal system at the intersection deteriorated naturally with age and required a replacement.

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Instead of the replacement, the city propositioned a newly constructed roundabout that would help ease the complicated nature of the Five Point Intersection as well as possibly increase safety for drivers.

The city said over the past six months they showed Oakwood citizens how the roundabout could function with mixed reactions.

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“A roundabout at Five Points would be a change to how the intersection functions”, said City Manager Norbert Klopsch. “There remains enough unfamiliarity with how roundabouts operate to compel City Council to no longer advance the project at this time. For the time being, the city will continue to maintain the existing traffic signal.”

Klopsch said the city will likely reconsider the roundabout in the future.

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