‘Now we got it;’ Smoke shop owners, customers excited to buy, sell recreational marijuana

DAYTON — With the passage of Issue 2, Recreational Marijuana is now legal in the state, but it’ll be a while before people can buy it in stores.

But dispensary and smoke shop owners are already looking forward to being able to sell it.

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Rabi Ahmed, a smoke shop owner in Montgomery County, plans to sell marijuana recreationally no matter how long it takes.

“Now we got it. So happy and excited and if I get a chance I definitely will open for services,” Ahmed said.

But before anyone can sell marijuana, applications, licenses, and restrictions need to be created by the Ohio Department of Commerce (ODC).

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The ODC has a nine-month time frame to create the proper paperwork before anyone can even begin registering.

“I know it’s gonna be very difficult. But I’ve been through so many applications and other stuff. I don’t care about how long it takes,” Ahmed said.

He told News Center 7′s Kayla McDermott he’s even willing to pay.

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Back in 2017, when dispensaries started to sell medicinal marijuana, the cost for licenses started at $75,000.

The price for a recreational license has yet to be determined.

“I know it’s gonna be a good business. And running business. So I will not care about that much amount,” Ahmed said.

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Ahmed said his customer’s excitement is what is pushing him to get licensed to sell recreational marijuana.

“There is so many people, they have pains and they have anxiety. They’re looking for these things to be legalized. They can come to the actual store physical store, and buy the right products,” Ahmed said.

Issue 2 goes into effect in 30 days, but it won’t be sold in stores like this one until at least next year.

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