No, it wasn’t UFOs — Here’s what caused the mysterious lights spotted in Montgomery Co.

DAYTON — Miami Valley residents are left with questions after mysterious lights were seen in the sky over the weekend.

But the answer to this mystery is anything but alien in nature.

The NCR Country Club Labor Day celebration Sunday had many talking on social media.

The country club’s chief operating officer said during News Center 7 at 6:00 that part of the festivities included three skydivers with pyrotechnics pulling an American flag.

Some in the community mistook that for something out of this world — Unidentified Flying Objects.

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Residents took to social media to figure out what was going on.

A woman who attended the celebration Sunday said she was surprised by all the commotion it caused.

“I just thought that everybody knew what was going on. I mean, I never thought in my years people would think it was UFOs, especially the way they were behaving. And I never thought it would get this much attention,” Jennifer Voisinet said.

The country club’s COO said they hired a company out of Middletown to do the celebration and that the city was aware.

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