Need extra cash? You can now rent out your garage

If you have extra stuff or space, there’s a website just for you.

Kettering resident Eric Gray rents out a garage on Neighbor.com, which is for people who need a place to store their things. He said it benefits them both.

“I don’t have to really interact with the customer,” Gray said.

Gray has been renting out spaces on Neighbor.com for two years now and has been renting on Airbnb for five years. To him, it made sense to rent out the space he was not using.

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“They’re not mailing me a check or I’m not meeting them here to collect payment, it all happens automatically through the neighbor app,” he said.

Co-founder Joseph Woodbury said listing your property on their site is a fairly simple process.

“They go through a questionnaire where we ask them questions like, ‘Where’s your space located? What amenities does it have? How big is it?’ And then, after providing us that information, you now need to set a price,” Woodbury said.

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The hosts can either choose how much they want to charge or pick the suggested price Neighbor.com gives.

“Once your price is set, we list you live on the platform and we find you a renter,” Woodbury said. “You can also sign up for property protection on our website. We offer up to $50,000 in property protection which I believe is the highest offered by any storage provider in the country.”

Woodbury said after you place a reservation, they process all payments.

“Everything on our platform is month to month. So you as a renter can cancel at any time. When you’re ready to cancel you just give your host 30 days’ notice,” Woodbury said.

Both Woodbury and Gray agreed that it is a great way to have passive income but only if you have the space to rent out.

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